Andrew Blake Thomas: player profile

Former international player, Andrew is a firm favourite with the crowd, winning Most Valuable Player in 2013 & 2015. He plays in the UK and abroad as well as the Welsh Polo Team alongside his brother, Richard Blake Thomas. We asked Andrew to talk us through all things polo.


What do you love about polo?

I mostly love the horses especially my home Breda when they go well!


What’s the secret to great polo?

Team work.


What do you look forward to about polo on the beach?

The games on the beach are such fun. They’re always hard and fast and the crowd is always fantastic.

Watergate Bay as a setting, it has to be one of my favourite places to play.


Is polo on the beach different to other matches?

Yes, it’s completely different. You don’t often get to play games like these in such amazing places. It’s always great to come to watergate bay.


How can people get into polo?

Speak to Andy Burgess (that’s how I got into polo!)


Can you tell us any polo secrets?

Actually, that would have to be Andy Burgess again. Not many people know this, but Andy Burgess is left handed!

[That’s a big deal in polo world. Due to safety all polo players must play right handed. Get more facts like this in our Blagger’s Guide to Polo on the Beach]


Do you have any nicknames?

I have loads!! Everyone calls me Blakers!

Andrew Blake Thomas Player Profile Polo On The Beach
How do you relax? What’s a Sunday afternoon for Andrew Blake Thomas?

If there is sport on like the F1 I don’t mind chilling with a beer and watching that! I don’t often get Sundays off as we are always playing but when I do something like that is fantastic.


If you weren’t playing polo, what would you be doing?



At polo on the beach 2017, what should the crowds look out for when you’re playing?

My quick stick work, but look carefully or you’ll miss it, it’s quick!!


Thanks to Andrew for his answers. Visit the Player Profile page to see the other players.